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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Ymir EMS platform has strong manufacturing capability and experienced manufacturing team with MES/WMS management system. Ymir has obtained IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification, all imported SMT production lines. The theoretical points of SMT equipment are 118,000-128,000 points per hour. It can produce PCBA boards with a minimum of 5*5 mm, a maximum length of 1500 mm, and a maximum width of 550 mm. SMT equipment can mount minium 0201, 0.35 Pitch chips. The production line is also equipped with AOI, SPI, automated IOT module test lines, conformal paint spraying, and a complete PCBA cutting, testing, programming, and assembly production line at the rear. The main PCBA fields include automotive electronics, optical modules (plants, commercial lighting, education, industry), consumer electronics, smart security, instrumentation, and communicaion electronics.

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Automotive Electronics
Consumer Electronics & Communication Modules
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Light engine modules for indoor commercial, horiticulture, industry, education
Circuit Board Repair

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