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Professional ODM 

Headquarter based in Hangzhou, China

YMIR Optoelectronics was established in 2016, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. The vendor has passed ISO9001/IATF16949 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Ymir Optoelectronic is committed to becoming a global electronic manufacturing service manufacturer (EMS) and solution provider. Our product services have covered Europe, America, Asia and other countries. Our manufacturing products cover lots fields such as commercial lighting, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication modules and horticulture light engine.

ODM Process Management

Ymir Optoelectronics has a complete design team of electronics, structure, and optics, complete reliability and testing laboratory to meet the reliability verification needs of various customers, and quickly customize solutions according to market and customer needs

Information Technology

Proposal & Planning

  • RFQ Customer request analysis

  • Preliminary exercise/evaluation

  • Proposal to customer

  • Proposal refinement

  • Resource planning

  • Project team

  • Scheduling

  • Material planning

  • Forecast

Computer Circuit Board


  • Project kick-off

  • R&D starts

  • Engineering sample and functional testing


  • BOM and cost review

  • Regular update to customer


Trial Run/Pilot Run/Mass Production

  • Trial production

  • Review meeting

  • Safety testing

  • Reliability testing

  • Beta samples for customer testing

  • Product package planning

  • Product spec-sheet

  • Part number establishing

  • Internal product training

  • NPI (PE to production line)

  • RFQ, Customer request analysis

  • Preliminary exercise / evaluation

  • Proposal to customer

  • Project kick-off

  • R&D starts

  • Engineering sample functional testing


  • BOM and cost review

  • Regular update to customer

  • Pilot production


  • Reliability

  • MP BOM preparation

  • Cost review

  • New product phase-in process

  • Mass production

  • PMC and MP team involved

  • Forecast

  • Orders and logistic management

Modern Architecture
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Working with the World's Best Clients and Partners

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Luxurious Office


Core R&D and manufacturing management team has deep accumulation in related fields of electronic manufacturing, such as communication, security, power supply, smart home, LED chip technology, heat dissipation, optics, structure and SMT placement, welding and testing, etc.


Daniel Tsai

VP / R&D Head 


Owen Liu
Operation Director 


Andy Lv
Project Manager 

截屏2023-02-22 13.52.31.png

Annie Lu
Sales Manager 

Innovative and down-to-earth. Daniel was graduated in University of Southern California with Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.
As a team leader, Daniel has 20 year-experience in power and lighting industry. He is flexible and determined, inspiring and enthusiastic for every projects, lead the team proactively seeking for optimal solutions.

Professionally engaged in the electronics manufacturing industry for 20 years, Owen has many years of experience in production, quality, and operation management in private and state-owned enterprises. He is proficient in quality system training, lean production training, and corporate culture training, and has made outstanding achievements in manufacturing, quality system construction.

Project and operation management, with 19 years of working experience in lighting industry. Andy has a deep understanding and market experience of commercial lighting, smart lighting, and educational lighting products. According to the needs of various customers, he has implemented several well-known indoor and outdoor lighting projects.

Science technology and smart electronics lover. For 10 years, Annie has been working in the semiconductor and circuit, industrial lighting and automotive electronics, specializing in product OEM business and technical communication. Meanwhile, She has created the Weibo IP " Smart sci-tech fan", with more than 8.5 million technology fans in China.

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